May 27, 2013

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Shiv Singh is a PPC Expert for Technical Support Industry. If you want call for Tech Support call for Anti Virus Tech Support, Printer Tech Support, Email Tech Support Etc. Shiv Singh is a PPC professional for over 6+ years and have widespread experience on the Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook. All these networks provide high volume quality traffic and help render the right amount of traffic to your business. Mission Grow your Online Business through targeted Traffic on website. Description Shiv Singh is a PPC Expert india.

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Our Experties:-
* Prepare Landing page according to PPC Keywords to Improve Quality Score.
* Provide quality ROI according to Geographical Location.
* Search & Refine keywords for each adgroups.
* Define Bid for particular keywords according to market area.
* Maintain better ROI for each campaign or account.
* PPC Bid Management
* AdWords Management

Driving targeted traffic to your website

• Maximizing your client acquisition, sales, lead generation, sign-ups, etc.
• Minimizing your overall costs, CPC, and campaign inefficiencies
• Integrating paid search campaigns with your other online marketing initiatives
• Improving your campaign quality scores
• Restructuring your PPC campaign adgroups (keywords ad texts) for maximum relevancy and performance
• Optimizing your PPC campaigns for increased conversions and profits
• Leveraging PPC to increase your brand awareness
• Creative / ad text development & optimization
• Expert campaign management on multiple platforms (Google, Yahoo, Bing & Facebook)

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